The Warranty Group is committed to the highest level of integrity in all of our dealings with our clients, employees, customers and service partners. This commitment extends to any personal information about our customers that we might possess or acquire. The Warranty Group is committed to respecting personal privacy, and safeguarding individual record confidentiality and system security. Accordingly, The Warranty Group and its affiliates adhere to the following Privacy Guidelines and Principles:

  • The Warranty Group has developed policies and programs for the protection of customer information.
  • The Warranty Group strives to maintain the accuracy of customer information and will promptly respond to any questions or concerns customers may have with respect to the accuracy of such customers personal information.
  • The Warranty Group employees are responsible for the protection of customer information, and each employee with access to personal customer information is responsible for compliance with our privacy policies and procedures.
  • The Warranty Group expects all of its service partners and service providers to adhere to it's high ethical standards as to the confidentiality of personal information.
  • The Warranty Group will only use personal information in compliance with applicable law.
  • The Warranty Group has appointed compliance officers within each business unit who are responsible for ensuring that their respective business units are in compliance with each of these principles.